Spring Source

Unlike other bottling plants, our water is captured and bottled at the source, bring you the purest, freshest water possible.

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Plastic Free

Studies show that all bottled water in plastics provide microplastics in the water.  This is why here at Ansa, we only use glass so that you and your family only get the purest of ingredients.

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Artesian water

We are a small, independent bottling company focused on providing the very best water from the very best source: an artesian spring that is also one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Our Promise

For over one hundred years, people have been visiting our area for the springs and healing waters of the Shasta area. We promise to provide you with those healing waters in every bottle, and continue to bottle using glass for numerous health and environmental reasons.


Our Source

The spring source of the Best Water on Earth.